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Monday, February 27, 2012

2-27- La Paz & Pozos

We had a beautiful day for FS today. Took Elaine, Amelia, & Jo, a friend of Joyce McCracken from Maine that was visiting. Headed over this morning after doing a call in Dolores of Amelia's.
After some initial door to door, Dropped Elaine & Amelia off at Marlene's.
 Marlene, Elaine with Ceco!

Amelia & Jo at door/shop

Elaine with Ceco! He is really liking the love.

While they were doing study, I called on a man who owns a Carnecera, a vendor cart that sells meat. Juan, we met him the 1st time here in La Paz, but he's been hard to catch since. So he was in, left him fem mags, and told him about Memorial. Was glad to finally find him again.
Then dropped by Juans jewelry store who had to move and they are remodeling space to open the engraving/jewelry store up. March 1.

The store will look and function better than before.
The other location was not built specifically for the store, but now they have arranged it to suit there needs better.
While I was walking between calls, found a vendor selling different plants & herbs. My Orthopedist saw my right heel, where I was limping a little, and asked what the problem was? I told him the achilles tendonitis, etc. So he recommended a routine, that involved getting a plant called Arnica, soaking it in boiling water, then soaking foot in that for 15 minutes. Then rubbing aloe plant on it. Then standing with foot on a bottle, and rolling the bottom of foot on top of bottle to get a effect on foot, to stretch the tendon, and see if that works. Well, it is. The arnica is a natural pain killer, and helps break up the calcium deposits that are attached to the tendon resulting in the pain. Cost about 30 pesos for the bag of arnica, bought some aloe plants, and had an empty corona beer bottle, by chance laying around.
So far so good. Its helping take the pain away, for awhile. Try this for a couple of weeks, then revalue. After that if it doesn't work, he said he'll look at steroid shot.

            Here is the selection of herbs & plants.

Then we headed for Pozos, to take Jo there. to experience the wonderfulnes of how hard it is serving here!
Amelia, Jo, Carolyn, Elaine

Elaine & I had enchildas Mole. very good.

Then it was time to get back to service, Elaine had Louisa, the Pinata girl, and I had Miguel. Both were ready. Elaine started the Listen to god Brochure with Louisa, and she did very well. Jo was with her. Amelia & I went to study with Miguel, on the corner where he sells jicama.
He did well. We are on chapter 2, finishing it, and I had assigned him to look at the chart on Page 200, about the prophecies that identify Jesus, or about him. He looked everyone up, and had then all highlighted in his Bible! Amelia was impressed. He is such a good man. You can see why Jehovah wants him. When Amelia was studying with Marlene earlier, she asked he r how she liked the meeting? She said she enjoyed it,a and showed her her WT, article I printed out for her, On it She wrote the scriptures down, and told her then 9yr old Maria found them in the NWT I gave her. They teamed up.
I didn't notice, I was sitting 5 people away. So that was good. Miguel told me that the school wants Miguelito to attend a reading class, he's a bit behind. Miguel told the teacher he couldn't get him there. but h would start reading to him, Miguelito is 6. So I found a spanish My Book, for him and gave to Miguel today. He was happy, and said he would start reading that to him. He was appreciative.

This is the corner we study on, Miguel has his little stool and he brings mine. Today Amelia had my stool and I used the curb. The bags by his hand are the hicama (jicama) he sells, also he sells sugar cane cubes, he had sold those out.

Then we made a call, that wasn't home. it is on a dead end street, and the kids were playing. was about 4:30. They were jumping rope, boys with girls.

In many ways, Mexico here in Dolores, and La Paz, reminds one of the 50's, No TV in every home, no computers to take kids off streets. Just playing. Do you remember jumping rope? I didn't do it, was a girls game. But it was a way kids stayed in shape, There was no fat girls jumping rope. No fat boys that played baseball, or roller skated, or roller derby. or very few that had a weight issue. You went home, had a glass of milk, and then went out & played with the neighbor kids. No ipods, laptops, a parent didn't worry about there kid getting drugs, or kidnapped. You went and PLAYED! Sometimes Mom would just say, "go outside & play". Do parents even know how to tell there kids that today?
Now you have to worry, if they will be safe from everything. its easier to give them an ipad, and say stay inside. A brother who gave our talk yesterday, made a nice point. When you take energy and compress it what happens?  It gets hot. The more you compress energy it gets very hot, and ignites if compressed enough. So too with satan, He has been confined to the earth, He's been compressed. He is HOT, or angry,. thought that was a good illustration.  He also had a nice point about how Jehovah, when he transferred Jesus life to the earth, picked a poor family, to raise his son. There was no doubt some law keeping wealthy family, that could have been used, but no Jehovah chose a poor family. They were a better choice with less distractions, and not tempted by materialism. Thought those were nice points.
Well we headed back to Dolores, I reached my time for the month, even tho I had cut back some to rest up.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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