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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday stuff

We took day off to head to Celaya. to check out a Sears , and go to Costco, for supplies and some super bowl orders. Cheese mostly. The cheese here locally tends to fall apart, very dry, and won't melt easily. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Maybe the fact that it doesn't melt easily means it doesn't have water added? Anyway left Tom & debbie's at 8am. and headed for San Miguel on way to Celaya.
Ate BF here, Debbie said it was good, and as usual it was. 3 had the egg bowl, eggs, cheese, onions, and they had the best nutbread to go with it. Real good butter, and jam.

So then headed to Celaya. It is a big town, that has parts of 2 spanish circuits in it, according to what I heard. Maybe 700,000 or so population. wasn't very charming as Dolores, or other towns we have seen, but it is old. Headed straight to Sears , which is next to Office Depot. Shopped there, found a mechanical trimmer on a push rod, so you can trim grass/weeds w/o bending over, so trying that out.
Couldn't find my old style wacker that you swing like I had back home. They do everything with a machete.
Looked at chairs for Moms sewing desk, and looked at slacks for service.
The headed to Costco, to sample free food, and buy stuff.  After we finished there went to drive around the city, None of us had been there before in heart of city, so explored that for a bit.
Following that we went to home Depot, Tom wanted to check out some electrical stuff for KH, possibly.
Then since it was about 3 headed back toward San Miguel & Dolores. Wanted to eat at san Miguel, but it was so crowded that we decided after seeing a couple of restaurant lines we would eat closer to home.
Went to a good place none of us had tried and ordered, I had emoladas, with mole. Elaine had quesadillas. Debbie had Aracherro, and Tom got same as I did. wasn't the best we've had but was clean, and had a view of the road.
Headed back home, and collapsed.
all for Now,\Love Tom & Elaine.
PS- batteries went out on camera so missed some good shots.

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