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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great day, much accomplished but lost pics.......

Had a wonderful day in la Paz. Tabitha & Eva went with elaine & I. Tabitha & eva speak enough spanish to talk to Marlene, Miguels wife about #6 in Tr Tr. After dropping them off(by foot) at Miguels, Marlene told me Miguel may not have his study, because school had a contract for parents to ratify for the english teachers contract. So I called Miguel & he confirmed we would have to wait until Monday to get together. bummer, but what can you do? So I made some calls, called on the old mercado(flea market) to see if anyone from Spanish cong had called Gustavo yet. He said No they ahdn't. So that worried me not a small amount. Has been over 6 weeks that I stopped at spanish cong with Vickys help to give his ph# to brother there. So I left him and headed to jardin to start a new territory adjoining jardin. I heard that 1 of the shoeshine guys spoke english, found him and while talking to him, by the way this one didn't but he was a brother. But his my spanish is still so bad that I couldn't make out he was a brother. But as we talked along came a family, who were JWS, and a big brother named Victor did speak some english Told him about Gustavo, and asked if he had time to go there now? He said yes, He asked his family all JWS to wait, So Victor & I went to mercado, & I introduced them. 10 minutes later study is et up for tomorrow with them. Victor is a pioneer. So I can stop worrying. Then we got back to jardin and I met Victors family. So in 2 sundays Elaine & I will come over, attend spanish cong at noon. and bring Miguel & his family. Hopefully will turn over Marlene to victors mother, and she can start her in BT book chapter 1. They finished last point in Truth tract. Then Victor took me over to 2 spanish sisters who were in jardin also witnessing. 1st time I have seen spanish brothers there. 1 of the sisters spoke fair english. then Elaine Tabitha, and Eva came back from study, so everyone was introduced.
Then her husband showed up also, and I found out that he had been trying to call Gustavo all along, but no answer. maybe wrong numbers were involved. So we went to take a break, and saw Miguel in front of a school selling his hicama, his father had drove him back from school so now we arranged to have his study later at 3pm. Then after lunch, we worked some territory, went on calls, Elaine was going to try Angelica, for Vicky, and Eva was going to see if Carla was home, Angelica wasn't there and wouldn't be back till after 6. It was almost 3 then, So we drove back to Tabitha call, dropped her & elaine off, and Eva & I went to jardin. Then went and had Miguels study, this time at a different spot, but real close to where Elaine was going to be for her 4Pm study with Lucia, whose family has a pinyatta store, she is about 15, and this was her 1st official study. In Tr Tract. So as I was studying with Miguel on the corner Elaine walks by to her study just 1/2 block away. They finished up and came up to where we were. Now its 3:45 or so, and we went back to Angelica's, was too early, but I remembered a man, that I talked to once, he was on his roof patio, and called down to me he was busy, but come back another day. I tried 4-5 times, it is right next to Angelica's. So since we were there I knocked, no answer, put book bag away and was going to head home, and here he pulls up in truck. gets out and I stick my head out the window, and ask "daniel you remember me"? 45 minutes later I came out of his house having made a friend, with his invitation to come back next thursday, maybe a new study. So perseverance pays off doesn't it? just like the KM tell us to keep at it. I adjusted my time to call there 1 hour, and caught him coming home.
We had a little tlk this morning by Brother who handled the FS arrangement, on finding Joy in the ministry. Read Luke 10:17,21, on how the disciples after being sent out by Jesus returned with there experiences, and had great joy, and Jesus having heard them was "overjoyed". Shows how we need to have joy, and we can impart joy to others too. Good reminder that if we aren't having Joy need to examine what we can change or add to find that joy.
So we left La Paz a little after 5pm and headed back to Dolores.
Here is the new puppy, Maria & Miguelito have.
They had a young puppy but he got out, and never came back, kids were sad, so now they have a new 1, and are happy with it. I gave Miguel the Listen to God brochure, with all the pictures and maybe 1 scripture, that sums up the picture, last week. He read it to Maria and Miguelito, and before he was done reading each page, they bombarded him with questions. What an excellent tool for limited reading ability ones in the field we find. Especially is it helpful with the language difference. that brochure from from to back tells the whole story of why, how, and when. the issue of sovereignty will be settled. Maria loved seeing the new system picture where the dead are raised and coming to the garden, and the other ones.
Jehovahs organization is taking into account all the sheeplike ones needs aren't they? from the very learned to the least learned, there is the right tool for each one. We just have to familiarize ourselves with what is in the tool box. I left a video with Miguel for them to watch, this week.
Who can you call on, with what tool the king has provided?
All for now,
 Tom & Elaine

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