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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday- Meeting and mix-ups

So we had a big day planned, going to La Paz, and taking Miguel & family to meeting. To introduce & get them acquainted with local spanish hall. That is 1 of the difficulties in working a town 35 miles away. When you find interest its difficult to cultivate & get the studies to a meeting, in a language you don't understand. So I had met a local brother from la Paz. that spoke some english, and got meeting times from him. Noon on sunday. So when last week didn't work out, tried this week. Miguel postponed a Dr appt, so as to make noon meeting. Yes I know who has a Dr appt at sunday noon, but when we set up going to mtg, somehow the only time he can go to Rehab appt, is noon sunday!
got up and headed over, Elaine couldn't go, she wasn't feeling up to par. But Tom L & Amelia & I went over. Left about 10:30, met Miguel at his house and we headed to KH.
We arrived about 11:35, no cars, asked a neighbor when no one was coming and he said 12:30. So we waited, then when that rolled around a sister who lives next to KH came out and told us mtg was at 3pm!
Last year there was a mtg. at 12:30, but after the 1st they changed times it was at 3. So feeling embarrassed and kind of like an idiot, I volunteered to take family out to eat & if they could e=we would come back at 3. Miguel said they had a free day, to spend with us, and that would be fine.
So we headed to the restaurant, and had a nice meal.

Maria & Miguel


from left: Tom, me, Miguel, Marlene, Maria, Miguelito, Amelia.

So we headed back to KH, and were the 1st ones there. The 1st car pulled up and brother & sister came over and introduced themselves. Then when I told them that the we were there to attend the spanish cong. there was a pause, and then they told Amelia, because they didn't speak english, that this was the indigenous language group. jichamachen(sp). So not only did I get the times wrong, they had switched meeting days, and the spanish congregations meet on Sat at 6pm, or sunday at 9am! What a fiasco. But they said that the meeting was almost all in spanish, and only a little bit was in the tribal language. So Miguel was gracious, and we attended. Very warm, loving group, maybe 35-40. Every brother, sister, and child came up to each of us to shake our hand.
Good participation at Wt, many young children answered.
Brother gave the talk(he looked so young) didn't understand much, but was a good lesson for when I am trying to talk to spanish man, who speaks maybe some english, the difficulty they have understanding me. Wt was not much better, but followed along as well as I could in english Wt.
Interesting that 2 brothers were there on Ruta. Tom & Amelia explained what that was. the society lets ones know that there is a need to serve somewhere, but you come on your own dime, and make your own arrangements. 2 young brothers were there doing that. They were  from Toluca, about 3 hours away. They conversed with Amelia, I'm not sure that it was only because she spoke spanish, very fine young men.
The 2 brothers from Toluca are on right. have to admire the zeal & willing attitude of them. Amelia said they might be over to Dolores the following Monday. I'll try to get there names.

So that was our day. Amelia said that Marlene, was happy, and enjoyed the meeting. She understood the whole thing. As well as kids, they did real well.
So maybe despite all the wrong information and mistakes I made that we accomplished something. Still will have to connect Marlene with a local spanish sister.
Got back home about 6pm.
Taking Monday off, to get stitches out of knee.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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