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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visa Party!!!

Well we accomplished something very good this week. We obtained our resident visa cards! Thats a big deal here, because with them you get some extra privileges. You can come & go from Mexico, as you want to w/o checking in to immigration at the border. Also you don't have to pay for your car in & out. So now we'll only have to go 1 time a year, to renew. Still they will charge us, but its only 1 time a year. So we threw a party to celebrate. had Tom & Debbie over, since they were instrumental in getting us here, and Jeremy & Kari Vince our beighbors. They have been here before years ago, then served in Juarez and other places here, then were in spanish in North Carolina. Now they are back.

Woodford joined us after supper & desserts. Tho he seemed here to be a drowsy puppy.

               Elaine, Debbie, Tom & Tom

Jeremy, Woodford, Kari, Elaine

Today I went solo to La Paz, for the purpose of taking Miguel to meeting, so they could connect to the  spanish meeting so his family could meet some of the friends. And found a sister who may start taking over study with Marlene. She will meet us at their house thursday to start the process. That should be a good thing. Get them into the congregation in spanish. At the meeting today, Miguel raised his hand during WT!, Didn't get called on, but it was nice to see he wanted to. After meeting Miguel said they would get to next sunday's mtg w/o any prompting from me. He commented that he would see if he could borrow a car, or take bus or walk. That made me feel good. So we hope the are on the way to becoming part of the congregation there. It was interesting to see WT conductor, who they call the director, had 1 verse read at a time from different individuals, a lot of young ones, to allow more comments. The microphone handlers, were about 9-10 yrs old. very impressive well dressed young men. Did a good job.
Friday after we did the visa, we drove thru San Miguel and saw this tree.

                      The most beautiful flower I have seen on a tree I think. looks exactly like the name for it, Bottle brush tree.

Bottle brush tree.

Waiting to get our last furniture in, 3 table for inside the house, and 1 for patio. Will be happy to finish the furnishings, and will make living very comfortable.
Well all for now, just wanted to share the info on the visa situation, and the progress with Miguel.
Service tomorrow, in La Paz.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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