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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep on Keepin On

What a gorgeous setting, pastoral, and a preview of what we may inherit as we endure.

What is wrong here, nothing at all, except maybe the corral/fencing.

I was thinking how as time passes how much some things change, and others stay the same. In going to a new congregation it is interesting, challenging, intimidating for some, and like coming home for others.
I was talking to 1 brother who recently started the process of relocating to a new cong., and he was looking forward to it, but also it has some unknown factors. Most of that is due to our imperfections, others imperfections, and being in a different, situation, where you are not sure of how you fit in. But in Jehovah's Org. really all we have to do is keep doing the Lord's work, follow directions we receive and allow time & things to develop naturally, and not force things, too soon, or before they happen when the right time arrives.
That applies also in the ministry with our calls. Heb. 6:12 makes that point, of how demonstrating the quality of patience is so important & how we can do it. "in order that you may not become sluggish, but become imitators of those who thru faith & patience inherit the promises." As we talk to people in the ministry it is so important to have patience with them. If we allow thoughts of we need to rush them to studying, before they are ready we force them into a decision before their heart has made it. Why do we do that occasionally, maybe because on the surface we desire them to get in before it is too late, right?
But what may it really show? Our lack of faith in Jehovah & his son in their ability to deliver any who are "sighing and groaning over the detestable things" going on. The angels part of directing us too sheep-like individuals, when the time is right, to say the right thing to theses ones. believing that holy spirit is involved in this work. That is where faith comes in, does it not? We talked about that in FS the other day. It reminded me of a FS talk that a brother in Dolores stressed. having patience, shows the degree of faith we have in Jehovahs ability to deliver. That same faith will not allow us to become "sluggish" in our activity, but all we have to do is keep on keeping on isn't it? Sure we follow the direction and instruction from "slave" as to the offer, feature what the current suggestions are, etc.  But we don't have to act fearful of not having the time to reach all who will respond.
An example of that is our record in the ministry. 1 of my "spiritual dads" who helped shape my life is up there in years. And I have the privilege of working with him in our new congregation. I marvel at his stamina, and desire to "keep on keepin on." he has served Jehovah over 80 years, and has had much responsibility over the years. He has slowed down physically but not spiritually. When the temp this week was hitting a 100, he was out,
and doing the ministry still, he uses a cane now, and we make sure he gets the doors that are level, as much as possible. But what an example of faith, patience he has shown and is still showing.
When I was a young teenager, in his cong. Many a time he or 1 of the other bro.s on the "Committee" as we called it back then, would tap me on the shoulder and ask if I would follow him to the "the room".
In this case it was the bas't of the Kh. where you went to get counsel, and privately. And there they would be, 3 spiritual men who were interested in my welfare, and heard, saw, or observed some fault, or a danger that they would see that was in front of me, and counsel me on how to avoid it, how not to repeat it, and what the consequences would be if I didn't. I never regretted any of those many occasions of counsel, sometimes strong, but always in love, because I knew they were trying to help me. They were doing the job assigned to them from the FDS, to warn me before I took a false step, or after I took a wrong step, admonition on how not to repeat it.
So in being reunited with him is a great joy and source of encouragement, and an example to follow.

here is Ted at door, doing what he can, just like us, except he's been doing it longer. This is a funny pic, because I didn't think the sprinkler was shooting water everywhere, thought it was just hitting part  of the area. Ted didn't complain, and the sister with him when they came back to car, squeezed the hose so Ted didn't get soaked.


Here is Ted heading back to car. Now he isn't perfect, I know, but in my eyes he will always be the man who most influenced my life, and kept me on the road to fulltime service, where I enjoyed Bethel, pioneering, met my wife, and went to serve where the need was great. He wasn't alone in helping me, I needed a lot of help. But he was always there, and his wife & family that made room for me, at a crossroads, that helped guide me
to a destination that I couldn't see, but hoped for.

We had a nice time in service. Then the next day we had a good time too, here are some of the pics we saw.
 Right out of the 60's, were these slogans.
I just heard from the brother & sister who took over Miguel's study, that they are going to their 1st DC in Sept!!!!!!!!!!! Ecstatic would be too mild my feelings. Several friends in spanish cong, and our friends in Eng Dolores have offered to assist them, is this a great org or what?
Never ignore Jehovah's ability to deliver us from any situation we find ourselves in, or in his desire & ability to direct affairs so as to find & deliver those in our ministry we come across. Its not us, it is Jehovah, Jesus, and the angels, FDS, directing us in his work. We can have joy, as we just "keep on Keepin On".

Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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