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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last day in La Paz for awhile...........

So Monday was our last day in La Paz for awhile. Tabitha & Eva went to Marlene's to meet Eva(spanish sister) there. I had a bag of cookies that Marion Eiseman gave everyone at hall sunday, looked really good. But I decided that they would be better for Maria & Miguelito. So put in fridge to take to them. Then we did some door to door. Then we went to lunch.

Mike & I had the aquacate relleno. Avocado with shrimp salad. Delicious.

                   Ron went wild. Fish. The whole fish!

Not sure what Tabitha & Eva split. but looked good.

Then we split up with Ron and girls heading to the new market to search for some RVs. They found 1 of Tabitha's, an old one from Debiie who originally found her, Maria. Tabitha was able to start study, and had a good time.
Mike & I went to study with Miguel, Mike & Ron, & Tom will fill in for me, while we are in states. Since we study 2 times a week, it will help to have a couple brothers available. We finished chap 3, and was gratifying to hear Miguel tell me, he had family study sunday night. He is doing well, but of course Satan isn't standing idly by. He has some new challenges to deal with. So we are keeping him in our prayers. But he has right thinking, "Jehovah will take care of us".
So Ron & girls were back in jardin, while girls were there, Tabitha had 2 good calls. Debbie & her group, her son Micah was there,visiting with a friend from Houston area Jonathan. So they had 2 studies, and we passed them several times traveling around city. Tom was at Juan's, for his study. Then Ron had his study. So that day in La Paz there were 7 studies conducted! What a good day. Also Amelia had made contact with a man at gas station before, & I called on him, and left mags there. he had 2 mexican friends with him, and gave them some spanish mags.
Then on way home we had some clouds move in, a sprinkle or 2, and then saw this.

Then today, I wasn't planning FS, but trying to get some stuff done before we leave. Went to walmart(ours anyway called Bodega). to get battery for a caliper tool I have. Met up with NOE, he and I have began a friendship, since we came here. he speaks some english, so I always seek him out for questions & help in finding stuff. So after he found a battery for me, I asked him about studying. he said he wants to study, in english! Not sure of his reading ability, but this is a case where, if HH wants to study in english, we don't turn them down, even tho there native tongue is spanish. So I told Ron and gave him info, so he can call on him until we get back. Then stopped by Abrahams ceremic store, looking for some gifts for certain people back home who will remain unnamed. He has been so busy last 3 months, have not had time to study. So he said things have slowed down, and he has time, so told Mike Portell about him and Mike will try to get him  started again. So on my off day, got in a couple hours and more important, got 2 BS arranged. So was a good day.
Then at meeting, heard about part of the publishers have started going to San Felipe, another big town where we haven't got to regularly. The Reeds & Millers & Chandler went there,Monday and found 25 english speaking people in 1 day. and several good calls, possible studies were made. Just outstanding potential.  We are fishing for men. Ron just went fishing.
All for now, our Mexican adventure will be on hold for some weeks while we head north, and do some work. But I will get updates from friends here to keep a pulse on what us happening.
Love to all, looking for some nice meals out with our family and friends in St. Louis.
Tom & Elaine


  1. Anxiously awaiting your arrival!

  2. Safe journey !! hasta la visita, baby.

  3. Love the blog, Planks. It's like vicariously living in Mexico. I Googleearthed La Paz. Beeeeuuuutiful place at the tip of the California penensula. Carry on and keep it up. We who are still stateside salute you.

  4. Safe travels. See you soon.