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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting ready to back to Mexico.

Well we finished up the job I did at Labadie, Mo, weld inspecting. It went well, we had 4 critical welds that all passed examination, so that was good. It feels good to be able to head back to Dolores, ready to pick up again our ministry there, and get back in a routine with our friends and the congregation.
Attended the assembly today at assembly hall, we missed our 2 day in mexico, so we are going here to catch it. Bro Cook is DO, and Bro Burge(sp) is CO. Certainly enjoyed the program today. After having to work 7 days a week for last several weeks, it was nice to be in our spiritual paradise and physically there too, with the Circuit.
Met the Eiseman's at session. Marion was happy  to see familiar faces. We caught up with them, they moved from Dolores shortly after we came back for work. Marion & Deb are teaching spanish to 5 young ones in Gainesville, MO. Deb & her husband are going into growing exotic garlic in their farm in southern Missouri. They are getting beds ready for fall planting.
Took oldest grandsons fishing last weekend. Austin was the star fisherman. He caught most fish, Spent the night, and kids made a big bonfire, and had some marshmallows going. Jordan fired up some dogs & burgers. And Noah, really enjoyed swimming in Mark Twain lake. He had a snake swimming behind him for awhile, he never saw it. Austin & I saw a beaver come out of some rocks, and then saw us and turned around to go back.
Planning on heading back south tuesday or wed. Getting everything packed up will be a challenge.
It will be nice to go thru border  with just stopping for border, not having to go to immigration dept for visa.
Our cong in Dolores has lost some very fine publishers, and commenters. Both Eisemans, Anne & Amelia Dohn soon will depart for a new area in Mexico, and Vicky, is in the Spanish sign group. So we will be needed at meetings. Right now there is another 6 of us on vacation or away at same time from Dolores. Makes it difficult for our remaining ones in Dolores, but we know they are doing a good job.
Not planning on any more trips for awhile. Being in a congregation with a lot of retired, people does present certain situations that aren't found in most places. There has been a turnover of publishers historically at Dolores, but that is the nature of this area. 3 years is a long time here. So that is a reality to deal with.
Well all for now, till we get back to Dolores and have some news for everyone. I have received many comments while back in Missouri from friends who enjoy the Blog, didn't know how much some enjoy it, but they appreciate it, so will keep it going, but maybe at a reduced edition. Have to give some attention to my health, and doing some rehab on knee. Jared had me go to a physical therapist he goes to, and he found my left hamstring wasn't firing electrically. Was getting very weak, and getting water on it, so have been getting treatment on it. Getting some exercises to strengthen it.
Keep up your service as we will ours in Dolores. Find joy in the ministry, and we all will stay in touch.
 Tom & Elaine

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