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Thursday, May 31, 2012

1st day back in La Paz- and more

So we have been back a week, and have pretty much got things back to our normal here. Except for cell phone issues & internet issues we have started our life back here in Dolores Hidalgo. And now we are able to focus our energy on what matters, the ministry. But we did some San Miguel stuff yesterday, almost 7 hrs of it. Had to get some fans, its hot here from 11am til 8pm now. This is our 1st summer, and boy oh boy, it is an adjustment. Yesterday we headed to SMA(San Miguel de Allende) and visited the library, health food store, La Organica, Mega grocery store, Office Max to get stuff.

Took this from car, fruit stands are out everywhere with heat.

Saw this vaquero riding on side of road while we were looking for an organic farm we were told about outside SMA.

And we saw this rio (river) we passed over. Why take a shot of a river? Because its the 1st time we saw water actually in a river, except when we had a week of rain in DEC/Jan. The water crisis here is deadly real. We had lunch at La Organica, a quaint really nice market that also has a restaurant in it. Fabulous, fresh dishes, veggie pizza, salads etc.
While there at next 2 tables, overheard a woman talking to man about different things, her life, she just had back surgery and will be able to actually dance again after 14 years. She lost her husband 12 yrs ago, and started a solar house/rancho not too far from Dolores, thats what caught our attention. She is very involved in teaching water conservation, and puts up her $$, to buy gutters to catch rain fall, if the owner of the small house will dig a catch hole and do labor of digging it. Quite the story we heard of her life. Tried to see if she would like to know the answer to those issues that she is so concerned about, but she wasn't open to that now.  
While we looked for the organic farm, stumbled on a fruit market out in the country.
 Wasn't what we were looking for but looked like they had great fruit. Its in full season here, so very plentiful, Pineapples, mangos, lettuces, lots of good fresh stuff.
When we were back in Missouri, took some grandsons fishing for weekend up at Mark Twain Lake, and the fishing was poor, or we were poor fishermen.
  Austin caught the most 2 fish, and this 1 wasn't a keeper. He was too short. Today we met a young man after leaving Miguels, we walked along sidewalk, and a man passed us, said hello in english, went past us, then turned around and stopped right by all 4 of us. Said he needed help,( radar is on now because of everyone here views us as "rich" so many will try to put the squeeze on you for a handout. He didn't say anything about us giving him $$. But soon he teared up and spilled his stress out. Alcohol issues, lost job in states, and now he has taking up drinking and it is bringing him much grief from family. Ron got his cell#, and made arrangements to call him next thursday. I was ready to feel sorry for him but figured he probably brought it on himself, right? Ron told us about a man, I just met with him that is studying and doing well, who almost did the same thing as this guy. Saw them on street, and told them he had problem and wanted help. Long story short, Doing well, keeping up study, and realizes he had to stop drinking.
Has had some very nice studies, and when I was with Ron today on that call, at his work to see if he could study today, he asked about going to KH! So even tho the  young man stopped us today, may have had a little too much, and is hurting because of the pain he cause to family, we won't "throw" him back, Like I had Austin do with his little fish. Will give him an opportunity to demonstrate, if he wants to apply the Man who taught us how to fish for men, his teachings. What does Corinthians say," Yet that is what some of you were".
Ron & Carolyn did 1 of Tom's studies, they were back in states, had an excellent study. He started to witness to friend who stopped by the shop. He translated the english into spanish for friend.
We made some calls, then went to Miguels, for his study. Then after that had Miguel & family join us for supper with Ron & Carolyn.

from left: Maria, Marlene, Carolyn, Ron, Elaine. Miguleito. and Miguel.
Ron & Carolyn Mudge- married a little over 1 year.

Miguelito, with his new car, we brought for him from states.
So we are getting back into swing, but it is hot here, may have to make some sensible adjustments to take a break from heat.
All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

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