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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missouri- bound-and more

Well we arrived in Missouri late sat. afternoon. Saw 3 grandsons, and 2 of 4 kids. Went in FS sunday with Jared & Stacey, and had supper with Jordan, Monday. Then the insanity of dealing with gov't regs hit me Monday. had to get documents together for car re-licensing. Property tax receipts, get emissions test, safety inspection, proof of Insurance, etc, What a hassle. Finally today, after having to get emissions issue fixed, because some sensor, that doesn't have anything to do with safety, failed, had to spend some USD to get it fixed. After an extra day of hassle, got Blazer re-licensed, and extended my drivers license to 2018, so that will address Having to come back, just because of that issue.
In FS, had people refuse the Memorial invitation! Wouldn't have happened much in Dolores, they are too polite. Not so much here in suburbia, St. Louis. But Jared & Stacey went in FS ALL day monday. After 10 hours or so, as it was getting dark, they had about 30 minutes to get in. So the group worked 1 more street. After all day of not getting much good reaction, they had several courts to work, but only had time for 1. So they picked a short one. At 1 house, a young man answered, saw the sister who was there, said, "I know you." She had called on him last year, then he moved to Las Vegas. She didn't know that. When they called back trying to find him, Mother didn't say where he was. But he told them he moved to Las Vegas, and out there JW called on him. Then when he came back here, the very same JW called on him here, in the Memorial work, He said, "I'm coming to the Memorial". That sure underscores how Jehovah has the angels doing there job doesn't it?
Started to go thru some of our stuff, stored at Stacey & Jareds. Amazing what you can do w/o. But also found some stuff that we can really use. Went to Jeremy's to retrieve golf clubs. But the weather doesn't look good, rain wise. Very nice temps.
Heard from the Dolores folks. Ron called on Miguel had study, and Marlene had hers. So thats good.
All for now,
Tom & Elaine

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  1. Enjoy reading of your travels and your experiences so much. We have a lot of spanish speaking people in our territory. If they are out working, I will stop and talk to them. If it's a house, I turn it in to the local spanish cong. But you are right, they are too friendly to rude like the Anglos. Welcome 'home'. When do you go back? == Tom Bowen