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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sometimes no answer is the right answer

Had a good week, 4 days out, and some results, that were hopeful. Pacific is not Dolores, but doing what we can with the circumstances we have. Different place but the same effort is needed.
So made the Rv on the retired school teacher. Tried Sat, but he was gone. But his wife told me "was looking forward to coming back" to talk. So I was very hopeful of being able to get into a good discussion with him. We called back and found him home about 11:30. He invited us in, and we sat down in Living room. I asked if he had a chance to read any in BT bk. He said he did, that he read 151 pages in it! Was happy he did, but then he said it was the very depressing. He didn't agree with our view, that the people who have died were unable to communicate with family. He had 2 family members that related experiences of seeing a loved one who dies, appear to them separately. And he said he had been a member of his church for over 55 yrs. and we would never get him into a KH. So I went from being very hopeful of getting him in a good discussion then in to Bible, and book, to trying to extend the call and not walk away with out being able to come back. So what would I do?
Since he had made a point that he believes what the Bible says, I just listened to his objections, and didn't try to change his mind, at this time. He also said he didn't think 1914 was the correct time for Jesus rule beginning. So I went back to 2 Tim. had him read it from his Bible, and referred him to Jeremiah, from the reference that 2 Tim   when Paul was talking about last days the scriptural reference refers to Jerusalem's last days. So in quoting or referring to that Paul knew that Jerusalem was destroyed and it was her last days. So it makes sense that God inspired paul to write that, so the conditions that paul was talking about would also mean that he was talking about the last days too. Then reasoned that yes there had been earthquakes wars thru history, but those things were not coupled with conditions of attitude that 2 Tim talks about. He did agree with that. So then we went back to Rev 12: 7-10 about when attitudes and why. heavens cleansed, and Woe for the earth. He seemed to accept that. Then instead of going into chap 8, as I planned, went to chap 11, read the 3 questions and told him to read the chapter and look up every scripture in it to be sure it of what paragraph is presenting is accurate. I had asked him if he looked up every scripture in his reading the week before, and he said he hadn't. We left about 12:30, and he asked us to come back at 3pm next tuesday. So we arranged for that. I was grateful that at least he was amendable to the scriptures we presented, and didn't shut the door to further discussions.
When we leave someone we just never know how, or what or who may step in to put a stumbling block before them. But we do know that satan observes all this and is trying his best to stop any growth. We can be sure tho that Jehovah will give us the right things to say, if the person is a sheep.
If they really love the Bible, they will listen & obey. It is comforting to realize that isn't it. All we have to do is search out deserving ones and Jehovah does the rest.
Well all for now,
Love to all,

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