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Sunday, March 11, 2012

party time at Mudges!!!!!

Ron & Carolyn Mudge hosted the party, Ron was "La Chef" on the grill for burgers & dogs.
Everybody brought a dish, we had green enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, guacamole, rice & corn dish, broccoli salad, many great desserts. I obviously went off the wagon for the evening. Great time had by all, even tho we will be down 2 publishers, almost a 10% loss, we are happy to see them do what they want, and is best. Marion just finished a education course on teaching english, she is I guess certified to teach it here in Mexico. So maybe that will be useful for her down the road.
Here are some pics of the friends who were there.

standing, sister Berlina Crane(sp), sitting on right is our local chiropracter, and Bible verse champion, Bill Chandler. with her back to pic,  Deb Buentello, (our local mayor) for us gringos anyway, she provides a great needed service helping us get here and assist us in getting places to rent, electric, water etc, been here the longest, locally.) to her right at table Eva Bareski, sitting on swing is Carolyn Mudge, hostess.

Here in pic from L to right- barely visible Gaby Cruz, Amelia(just her head) Carolyn, Bill C, Jose, Debbie Lipperd.
Ron grilling, Marion in foreground, Phil. Tom's study on right of Ron

Here is Ron Mudge, cooking to his right is Phil Tom Lipperd study, lives on the rancho, (where cow was stuck in mud in pond) foreground, Marion Eiseman, then on patio couch in back left Bible
study of Ron's David Peralta, with Amelia head again sticking out.With Deb Eiseman talking to sister Crisp.
Stephanie Miller, Debbie Lipperd, Chip Feid standing,, Elaine head., back table Stacey, Joyce.
It doesn't take much for our friends here in Dolores to want to gether, but when we are losing someone it is reason to celebrate there as well as to get together and let them know they will be missed.

Deb Eiseman & her daughter Marion, are heading back to Missouri, SW end, to move back to there old stomping grounds.
Debbie Eiseman & Joyce McCracken

Marion Eiseman-foreground

on swing is Eva Bareski- and 2 Crisp girls.

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