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Monday, March 5, 2012

La Paz-tables, and other stuff.

Top shot of Lime tree, in back yard

Well had a good day in La Paz. We did some door to door, Amelia & Anne met a spanish sister to start the process of turning over Marlene to her, so the family can begin getting acquainted with the spanish cong, in La Paz.
Then we met up for lunch, Elaine & I did some more D-to-D, and then we had lunch at La Isla. Tom joined us there, he was at BS, new store location helping them get the lights and electrical going at store.

Then we headed for afternoon studies. Elaine had Louisa, and I had Miguel.
Anne & Miguel as we finished study.
Went into chapter 3, did the 1-10 paragraphs. But before we started, Miguel wanted to do his "homework", listing in order the Bible books. He is up to Acts. He did very well with almost 100% accuracy. His homework, he ha to tell Maria, & Miguel, how he is doing on his homework, then he can help them with there's. he is letting them know he is in school too. When we were considering #9, he commented that " I wouldn't have eaten the fruit". He got the point that we want to make Jehovah happy, by our choices.
He told us that Miguel & Maria, bring him the My Book, so he will read to them. And also he is reading the Greatest man book now to them & Maria.
So we headed to car and as we started to drive out saw these things.
I saw this man carrying this statue?

Then saw these women carrying another statue. People carry Mary around all over the place. Guess they never read Isaiah.
So we headed back to Dolores behind this alfalfa truck.

Here  are some pics from our new tables, that a very gifter Bible study. Luis, made for us. He is an architect, who must do all kinds of jobs to survive here. He makes metal items, lays tile floors, does pation designs, just about anything creative he can do. 
Here are the tables he made for us.

coffee table. We gave him the sizes we wanted and he made them

New Planter table for window, double tier. Now of course Elaine has to shop for the right pots/items.

End table
The patio table he, made, then I took it to a RV who owns a tile pottery store. He was going to make the tile especially for us, then set tile for table top. He made the tile, but was not able to set them. So he called and apologized. So we have to figure out how to set he table. This should be real interesting. There are not enough tile to finish with either the black, or the colored ones to finish. He said they broke several, and nothing matched up, with enough to do what we wanted.
Will give you all update as we figure out what to do.
Open to your ideas.
As we drove home, saw another flock of sheep, with some goats in it.
 Much like our field, you keep looking for the sheeplike ones. We had 4 new ones attend sunday, Alberto and his wife and 2 kids. 1 is a newborn, Suzette, her older sister is Colette. I had been inviting them for awhile, he built our desks, Elaine sewing table, and our bedframes.
So it was nice to see them sunday. Chip & Marilyn Feid, had called on them before, and introduced us to them. I had gotten Alberto a spanish My Book, for Colette. She likes it. Hope to start a study with them.

Buds on Lime tree.
Our peach tree-after a lot of pruning in Dec, starting to bloom

2 aloe plants we added
Here is a shot from San Miguel, from Saturday. 
So all for now. 
Love to all, 
Tom & Elaine

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  1. Love the photos and experiences. A real lime tree no less! How wonderful you are able to do what you are doing. Solution for the table might be to break up one of those Mary idols and use the shards for filler. :)