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Thursday, March 1, 2012

new month- start over

So we turned the page on the calendar, but the schedule remains the same. Had a nice day in La Paz. Elaine had 2 studies, I had 1, Amelia had 1, Tom had 1, and Debbie reactivated 1. So very fine day indeed.
We made some Dolores calls, conducted a study here for Mike Portell, who is transitioning from Chile to Dolores. Tom & I made the call on Fernando was home. WE did an abbreviated one, he started getting customers. But while he was making the glass for 1, it was a young woman with a maybe 3-4 yr old boy.
I tried to speak to her, but she was all spanish. I went to car, got out a My book I had in spanish, and showed her it, and asked if she would like it for the boy? She asked how much? When I told her its free, she accepted. The boy started looking at the pictures right away. Its a must to have some spanish lit with you. Sometimes just being a "norte americano" opens the doors. We are different, unique, and sometimes perceived as upper class, to the people here. Its not correct, but it doesn't matter, if they think that. And if you can use it to make inroads where the spanish brothers couldn't you don't walk away from it.

Here is Elaine at Carla's.
We split up after lunch. Elaine Amelia went with Debbie & Vicky, while Tom went to Juan's and I went to have Miguels study. Its such a joy to be able to study with Miguel. He is experincing some trials, and I was going to read him Ps.55:22, and 1 Cor. 10;13. But while I was turning there, he said, "Well, I am praying to Jehovah, and He will help me." I was so happy to hear that. He is making Jehovah his "Go to" person. When face with problems he knows who can help. I'm experiencing what many of you know, and I know, but to see it 1st hand just imbeds it deeper in yourself doesn't it? Truly there is more joy in giving than receiving.
Had an email from an old friend, that was at at Bethel when I was, and he sent me an update on some of the old bethel buddies he has kept up with. Which was very nice. I would like to catch up with some of them. He also sent me another pic, of someone I knew way back then.

That is my old press, Cottrell #7, in background. I use to get so dirty, I don't know how it all came off.
Well I do remember, it was kerosene, and a kerosene jelly we used to get the ink out to some extent. I always had the habit of getting to close to my work! But seeing some of the pics from faithful brothers who are still serving in various capacities,
is encouraging. Abe Lincoln, Jay Kosinski, Al Priller, Steve Fowler, Joe Gratzle, Tom Bowen, etc. We were young, strong, and willing to work hard, sometimes not work smart, but we got the job done. Was nothing better than to sweat for the Lord, and devote ones complete energy to the assignment. The bethel home took care of everything else.
Food, clothing, place to sleep. What a simple, good way to serve. We had 1 job, that was to print literature, and keep the machines running that did that. 10 hrs day, 6 days a week. except on sat, just a half day.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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