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Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-Blog- FS & San Miguel

Had a very nice day, in more ways than 1. Started off with FS, we joined Anne, Amelia, and Jose, and went to find some of these hard to find calls/studies. Anne had a good call, Amelia's was NH, the we went to 1 of mine. He has been difficult to find there, or if there, he has customers. Works on auto body, and painting. I have called maybe 10 times, reached him maybe 5, and had 2 times been able to make some points from Tr Tr. Last time I left him the Listen to god Broch. It is really a good tool for mexicans here who talk, and read english, but not real well. The pics and illustrations are so good, with the 1 scripture or 2, you can make the point. Today we were able to go over introduction and 1st 2 pages. That was good. We were able to complete a whole idea. and then introduced him to next points. Maybe a 15 minute study.
Then went around the corner and down several blocks, to find the glass man, a young study of Mike Portell, who is in transition, and cover 2 para in the chapter, before he had customers walk up for some glass orders. Sometimes thats all you can cover in a business. So we may make 2-3 calls there, as long as owner/worker doesn't mind to keep the conversation going. In short segments. As long as they give us the time we will do our best to be flexible. So had 2 short studies, and that makes a good day. My best Study Miguel is twice a week an hour each study. These other 2 are on a irregular basis, and you do what the person allows/ or can give. With ones who are challenged somewhat either in reading or understanding, sometimes shorter is better. At least until you can determine if they are wanting the study, or are only being hospitable.
While out this am, we asked Anne if she knew of a organic store in San Miguel?. She did, gave us good directions and we headed over there to see if we could find it, and what it offered. WELL, we did, and it is a fabulous place. "Via Organica". very nice place, if somewhat off the beaten track.

it is a combination produce store, with very many spices, and a whole slew of organic products.
Plus it offers dining there with 2 different dining

All kind of spices, and seasonings.

                                                        veggies & fruit

We had a light lunch, 1 slice of veggie pizza, mushrooms, onions, tomato, green & red peppers.
And we had a salad to go with it.

By the way, if you go to-
and look up the documentary called "FRESH". you can see it for free today, maybe tomorrow.
very good documentary about why going back to old style farming, is a good, profitable way to grow food.

Here's what we got today from the veggie place. we shop at.
All this, for less than $10. That is 1 reason why we can afford to live here. The fresh produce is very affordable, and healthy for you. I'm working on lowering BP, with diet & exercise. Lose weight. etc.
Don't want to go on the BP medicine unless I can't bring it down on my own. Will see if I can do it.
All for now,
Tom & Elaine.

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