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Monday, October 3, 2011

house sale is done, we're officially homeless!

The closing went well, got Blazer checked over, put on some new rear shocks with overload springs, and ready to head for vacation. Next 8-9 days we'll be in Ohio, Ky, Tenn, GA to see family. Then it will be time for our Mexican adventure to really begin! All the planning, working, simplifying, packing, moving, storing and goodbye meals will be over. Then the down to earth effort to find a place to rent/live in and learning how to adapt to hopefully a slower pace, more balanced way of living, breathing, exercising, will occupy our days. Letting life come to us, and letting Jehovah direct our efforts to help find sheeplike people yearning for the truth, will replace the hustle, bustle of how we have been living here. Not that its wrong, just that maybe there is an alternative, a chance to smell the roses so to speak.
Elaine did her 1st laundry mat washing in a long time.
So we will enjoy this part of vacation then start the trip southwest to Dolores Hildago.


  1. You go guys - looking forward to reading of all your adventures!