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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Week of Firsts

Enjoyed meal with Stacey, her husband Phil, and Adam & Sophia in pic with Stacey. Met them saw the rancho, they live on and got to visit with after meeting today at supper at Tom & Debbie's. husband Phil is studying with Tom, as well as oldest son Markus-13, Isaiah-9- and Adam-6. Debbie studies with Stacey. Debbie & Tom fixed a wonderful meal, that was enjoyed by all. Markus can speak & understand Spanish & english, may use him as my interpreter. They live on a farm/rancho about 600 acres, with cattle, pigs, turkeys, chickens, dogs and various other critters. I asked 1 of boys do they have any snakes since rancho is at about 7000 ft, he said not many they eat them!!!!! Food is scarce and all resources are used to feed family. Phil, the father, had 4 gallons of fresh milk from cows, he offered to bring in so they (Lipperds) can make homemade cheese. Very enlightening evening for us, the children sparkle when you talk to them. And I think 3 oldest boys all commented at WT! Tom & Debbie are doing an excellent job, and is gratifying for them to see progress.
Had First sunday meeting. started at 3PM, had a missionary who is visiting mother here, they are in Congo, Africa serving. And he will show a special slide presentation tomorrow for all. Can't wait to see pics of our brothers there in Congo, and how they do FS. They KH is nice, usable hall, and they had so many visitors and new move ins (7 this week) plus other ones to hear Bro. Compton speak, that they exceeded the memorial attendance, Had 70!! The WT conductor said it was a new peak for attendance at Dolores.
So while seating in KH, trying to focus, getting used to 3PM meeting, I hear this loud rooster crowing several times!! Can't ever being in a meeting and hearing that in 40 years.
Went house hunting this week with a sister who helps brothers moving in, she has been here longer than anyone. Saw a small 2 br, 1 bath furnished, then yesterday at noon, she showed us an another couple moving in maybe by January, 2 homes that were identical, side by side with a sidewalk between, 3 br, 1 1/2 bath, 2 story home, kitchen down with LR & DR down, and 3 br, and bath up. Very open, light, and has a washroom outside 2 nd floor br, with a patio off kitchen, that has a small peach tree there. So us & other couple took both homes, Its in a private drive with latched gate. We will have to furnish completely which is normal here. Will send inside pics later, but we are happy to have it available, only about 4 blocks from KH.
So we are finishing our 1st week, and the weather is perfect, about 40 in morning, then gets up to 70 or so, no humidity, clear blue skies, and the people seem very humble and kind. Very family oriented. Children are held in high esteem.
We will be busy in coming weeks getting house together, and so forth so won't be on a good schedule yet, but will get settled in, then try to get in FS more. Going on a study tomorrow with Tom at noon.


  1. Sounds great! Glad you're doing well. Can't wait to see more pics - keep 'em coming!

  2. Looks like you two are really going to enjoy your new home! We need more picture's of the new place! Love you guys can't wait for the next post! Jp4