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Friday, October 28, 2011

San Luis de la Paz- our 1st full day in the ministry-muy excellente

Had a long-fulfilling day, our 1st full day in ministry-which didn't start til noon- and ended at 8:45PM.
Helped Tom finish the removal process at KH in am. Then hauled the last of the sand/clay fill out to Phil & Stacey's (bible study) Ranch. Also took Isaiah their 9 yr old son with us. He had accompanied Debbie to Mexican Bethel the day before on bus tour. Came back from there and cleaned up to head to San Luis de La Paz, an outlying town that has over 100,000 people in city proper- to do some returns & hoped for studies. Its a 45 minute drive. Made some calls on the way. At small store along the hwy, Debbie found a call, she had & left a Bible teach book with the owner. As we pulled away, we came alongside a trucker who was parked there and rolled down the window because he looked non mexican, as it turned out he had dual citizenship, 1 parent mexican 1 US. And had light brown hair. So this is 1 way to reach our english speaking people, if they look or sound like there is an english connection you ask. We did as Tom rolled down the window, and said,"hello, are you english"? He bent down to window and said yes. So we started a conversation. Found out he had 4 children-youngest 13-oldest 25- so handing Tom the oct awake to give him, referred to article and asked his thoughts about the teeenage years, and got his feedback regarding the issue, and he commented how his children have an open door to ask him anything they have a question about, and we commended him for that practise and how article stressed how communication was key during those years. So had my 1st mag placement!!!! Had fun with Debbie because she actually had handed mag to me to give to man. I quickly asked Elaine afterward if she had replaced Debbies? so I could count it, after 3 efforts in FS was 1st placement. but Debbie was going to let me have it anyway. Joked about it.

typical street vendor. fresh veggies & fruits grown around La Paz.
Then we came into San Luis de La Paz, La Paz from here on, too many names) and it is about twic size of Hidalgo, and no congregation, here tho the potential would seem natural with it being double Dolores Hidalgo(hereafter Dolores). The cong. I Dolores has fluctuated quite a bit so they haven't worked here D-D in awhile, because of not having enough pub. to really work Dolores much less an oulying town this size 45 minutes away! Bit with new influx of people, they cong. said it was ok to check out territory in La Paz again. Tom & Debbie had several calls apiece they have been cultivating, but due to being back in states to take care of stuff, they hadn't been up here in a while personally. they had friends conduct BS and call on interest they had found while away. And got the updates as to status.

Posado de los Minos- Inn of the Mines- silver & gold mines here.

Our 1st call wasn't home personally but his wife and young son were. She invited all 4 of us in, and we were told the her husband was away getting his father to bring down and would be back around 7pm. and we could come back then. Well when she said that I thought, no way we'll be at home by then. but NO. When you travel this far, and have to work around peoples jobs, lives etc, you adjust to them, if you want to preach. so I found that out. After trying few calls, and planning the rest of afternoon, we drove up to a town in the mountain called Pozo (sp) about 5 miles up, and looked for call there. and to have a early supper, and resume service after that.  
Had a wonderful meal, at what I would call a 5 star restaurant in a bed/bf hotel that accomodates 8. Setting is gorgeous, and the service impeccable. Can see this as a getaway-once in a great while. It is in this old mining town of silver/gold, that as I understand it is still somewhat active. They are remodeling/improving streets, but is so very quaint, you sisters would really enjoy, art gallery,small shops, flowers etc. But is hilly as it is on a mountain about 7500-8000 elev is my guess.
After we returned to La Paz and the fun began. Debbie found a RV/door step that her and Elaine went to and the young mother was there and she conducted a DS(doorstep) for about 45 minutes. Now that is not unusual becaue when you get them, and they are willing due to the distance you take what is offered time wise. She had a young child standing beside her as Debbie took her slowly thru the Truth tract.

Door step study of Debbie's- 45 minutes later arranged for Bible Teach next week study!
She has a understanding of english but it isn't her first tongue, but many people here have lived in US and have returned to Mexico, and want to keep up with english so they don't forget, and when asked want to study in english. So Debbie took her, slowly due to language, thru tracts points 1 by 1, and asked if she would like to continue discussion in the Teach book? That is a filter here, as well as elsewhere, to test interest go thru truth tract before offering books. Was excellent call, and Elaine was able to get training thru the whole presentation, noting the emphasis on simple thoughts, repeated often so as to help HH with the idea/ concept of living on earth. 
After we found a shopkeeper Debbie had found, and she repeated the same process with her albeit in 30 minutes this time because the HH had a better english grasp. 
Then tried a few more RV, then by now its after 7 and we head to the 1st call at 2- on man that was heading back with his father to La Paz, no answer there. No lights on. Called the RV on cell, a;ways a good idea when so much travel is an issue, and he answerd and said he was at bus station just coming in, so didn't want Tom to leave, wait and he would be there in 5 min. He came introduced us to his father, and all 4 listened to his day, and Tom arranged for time next week for study. He had a bro conduct study while gone and it had went fine. The young father was very engaged with the conversation, commented on the study with other bro, and we listened to some of his adventures while Tom was away.(more on that at a later date perhaps) So after saying "adios" to younf son, wife and father we headed back to Dolores got home at 8:45pm, and promptly went to our bedroon in Tom & Debbies home, turned on Cards game and went to bed. What an exhausting day, but our 1st fullfilling day in the ministry! Hopefully the 1st of many. Sorry about length, will be more succinct in future. Just excited to see potential of future after making this life changing choice.  
A break at a 5 star restaurant- early dinner- between calls at Pozo

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  1. It sounds like you guys are having a blast and are really getting the hang of the ministry down there! Love hearing about it-can't wait for your next post. Lots of love!
    Jeremy & Miranda