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Monday, September 26, 2011

1WEEK TO GO FOR HOUSE SALE!!!!!! I lost my big screen today!

Down to 1 week for closing, Elaine has done a great job reducing all of our possessions to what is left in house- 4 bins for her clothes- 3 for mine- 3 for small appliances- going to Mexico. Rest has been stored in Jared & Stacey home.

Jeremy came & picked up our big screenTV, it is now His & Mirands's, with the understanding that if we come back, they will return it, ( should I get that in writing?). Ha.

Had last Dr visit on knee, before we go. I received a good chew out! He wanted me wearing the leg immobilizer more. Let me know he doesn't believe in luck, or chance. And I had left his protocol. Let me know I wasn't a young kid who can grow bone back quickly, so it showed I was at 75% toward healing the fracture he created to put patella back to where it was supposed to be.  Gave me some new instructions for PT, so she can print out for me, to continue rehab in Mexico.

Had a nice get together with close friends at Dan & Terry's, sunday. Then surprised Dan with a retirement party for him, at his own house! Was great surprise, got them completely unaware. All his immediate family attended, and some close friends. Good times.

Just have a few things left to do, before we move to Jared & Stacey home for a few days, before heading to a family vacation for Elaine. Will go to Ky, Tenn, GA, on 10-3, then head back to St. Louis 10-12.
Then head to Laredo Tx, on 10-15 or 16, to meet up with Tom & Debbie Lipperd in Laredo on 10-19.

Exciting next few days.


  1. Glad things are working out for you.

    Listen to your doctor!

    Don't think I will see you before you leave for Mexico, I don't like to say good bye.

    Have a good trip here in the states, I know Elaine is looking forward to seeing her family.

    Take care, love you both.

  2. Hi you two! All of us at the Rehbein house are following your adventures with pride and theocratic jealousy! Luv ya both!