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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

punch list

The process seems like it is so slow in some aspects, but moving fast in others. 1 week from today, I'll be having my left knee up in a bed, with an ice machine moving water to cool leg. So blood clots won't form.
That is going FAST!
My time to get the real estate punch list is really sped up. had about 24 items to fix-repair-replace- etc.
Did the ones I can do 1st- trimmed window, weather strip door, had to put squirrel mesh up to keep birds out of attic, has about 7 eave holes that they had gotten into., fixed sump pump drain-window screens.
Now have to wait for Jeremy & Tom to work on siding. Good news is Home depot had some that may match color wise, big relief there. rob- may do the electrical 5 items.
Had a great helper today- Austin, he was nice to have.
Signed the inspection notice and Marsha will send to buyer agent -wait and see if they sign.
The closing date seems to far off, but with the knee surgery, I'll be unable to do much for awhile. Really torn over the surgery. Insurance runs out this month. Morning can walk 2 miles, but after climbing a ladder a few times, by afternoon, it is sore.

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