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Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 days to immobility!

Not much about mexico move, except that with 3 days left before the kneecap is cut, moved & screwed into the correct position, my availability as Elaine moving donkey is limited. So, needing to load blazer up with storage stuff for Jareds house. garage attic. Last time there lost 4 lbs of sweat, nailing attic boards down for a floor, so we can slide boxes/containers in to attic.
She is paranoid we will not getting anything done while I'm rehabbing, probably right. She is doing her best, so I'm going along with only small complaints.
Hoping for rehab to progress so that in 8 weeks??? I can be driving to Mexico, with less pain the now.
We planned out how to arrange the containers in blazer, how many, what position to give maximum capacity, etc.
But I had a day of play Friday, golf with bro Tim, he turned 58, and we had a great time, capped off by watching Cards beat Rockies on big screen TV, with a Shiner Bock, reminds me of Falstaff, on the back porch on Mueller street, listening to Harry Caray, in 50s, in Ferguson, MO. He had a little screened porch with an icebox, witha case of Falstaff, and he'd give me a swig, listening to radio in July at 9pm, just me & him. Was a kind man who played ball with Enos Slaughter, Red Schoendist, and Johnny Keane, went hunting with them. Got me to really want to play baseball.

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