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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspection notice agreement

Cleared first hurdle! Had the buyers agree to our inspection notice offer. So now we can repair/replace the items listed, and they agree to accept that- can't change mind.  Good News. Had lots of help so far, Austin, Jordan, Rob, Dan, and this weekend- Tom & Jeremy. So this sale is going forward. It will be slow for awhile 6 weeks............... seems like forever, but with surgery 5 days away, have to keep getting stuff done.
Moved 11 boxes to Jared & Stacey's bas't. Then put a floor down in garage attic to store more "stuff".
 Need to accomplis as much as possible before surgery.
Elaine is reminding me of that.
Trying to get some FS time in too, did early AM wed, so that helps. Try sat am, and that may be it till after surgery & recovery.

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