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Friday, July 29, 2011

1st step-check

Well we have taken the 1st step- or someone has helped us. House is under contract! After 5 months of no offers, dropping price 3 times, and seeing nothing sell in our 1 mile radius, hit the price that resulted in 10 showings, 2 contracts, and 1 we accepted after some initial back & forth. But these times are really hard to sell in at previous expectations, climate is very buyer oriented. So knowing what our goals were and listening to others experience, and "keeping it simple" has helped us get to this point. Still a ways to go, inspection, firm loan commitment, etc. But all that is expected in the effort to serve where need is great.
We were getting to the edge of discouragement, but hung in there.
Now we will focus on finishing packing, do some family goodbyes, and look forward to being free of anxiety about having house here empty/ rented and those issues. Will be free to go forward and learn about our new home in Dolores Hildago, Mexico. Will this be 1st step? Or 1st step in a process of finding a new home for serving where need is great? Will see.

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  1. Congratulations! I hope the offer goes through for you guys. We haven't had a showing in a month, but yours gives us hope and encouragement to continue to keep it simple. -The hBroeder